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Defenders #1

That’s right true believers, we’ve made it to issue 12, which isn’t that impressive when you consider it’s weeks and not months of podcasts. Then again, to manage 12 weekly podcasts in a row is impressive, so we’re going to go ahead and celebrate this milestone.

In this special double-sized issue, your intrepid heroes of the comic shop sally forth with news and updates from your favorite industry, including Alex Ross’ Flash Gordon, Avengers Vs X-Men, and Detective Comics‘ awesome writer, Tony S. Daniel. We discuss the Riddler, who the top 10 characters are in the two major universes, and wonder who exactly CrissCross is. In Bob’s Question of the Week we learn which creators your intrepid trio avoid. The winner? Rob Leifeld, of course. Bob and JC extoll Defenders #1 as a perfect example of a classic, modern comic. Jeff is, naturally, dubious, but does praise Wolverine. All this, and The Misadventures of Adam West! Face front and dig in, True Believers!

Issue 12 – Hold 322 Podcast

Audio Fixed – thanks to Super Groupie Erin for the heads up! 

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