Fantastic Four 600This week our intrepid heroes of the comic shop delve into their own secret origins with Bob’s Question of the Week. What was JC’s first comic? Jeff’s? Bob’s? Listen in and find out. JC rants about DC following Marvel’s bad idea, stuffing the preview for their upcoming The Ray series in the back of every issue he picked up this week. Planet Hulk has a new fan, Mark Millar wants you to stop buying digital and buy comics, and a huge stack of comics from the hold are reviewed and discussed. All this and Fantastic Four #600! Face-front, True Believers! It’s Hold 322!

Issue #9 – Hold 322 Podcast

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* (From Jeff – Rob Liefeld is one of the top 3 reasons I quit reading comics in the 90’s. He is an evil that must be hunted down and destroyed – besides, he thinks former Governor Arnold would make a good president. Seriously)