Welcome to the astonishing first issue of Hold 322! The podcast that’s about the comic books that are in my hold and on the shelves of my local comic book store each week.

This week: Marvel continues its countdown to the inevitable changes that will come as a result of Fear Itself, X-Men Schism and Spider Island; and Hawkeye gets some love.

Jeff and I discuss the All New Ultimate Spider-Man

DC’s 52 first issues continue (and remind Jon why Wednesdays are so important in comic books) and get naughty!


Fanboys and Geekgirls Assemble! – Hold322 – Episode 1

 Links for Naughty DC

Catwoman is a baaad kitty!

Starfire propositions Arsenal 

Great Reaction to Starfire’s New Personality

ShortpackedFrom Shortpacked

Yup, I think DC needs to pay more attention to whom their heroes reach out to and connect with. Yes, comic readers grew up, but do we really need to see the Starfire we might have fantasized about during puberty? Wake up DC, you’re making a killing with the reboot, but if you alienate your non-reader fan base, you will eventually lose.

Next Week in Hold 322

(or in my hold this week that you will hear about on next week’s podcast)

Iron Man 2.0 #9, New Avengers #10, Secret Avengers #17, Mighty Thor #6, Wolverine #16, All Star Western #1, Savage Hawkman #1, Dark Justice League #1, Superman #1, Teen Titans #1, Angel and Faith #2, Ultimate Spider-Man #2, and Ultimates #2… plus whatever I find on the shelves! Tune in next week! Same Hold Time! Same Hold… er… URL!

Titles I didn’t cover in the Podcast

Avengers: The Children's CrusadeAvengers: The Children’s Crusade #7 (of 9)

FINALLY we learn what happened to The Scarlet Witch that made her so powerful… and she’s not just “powerful”, she’s SCARY powerful! A fight breaks out between the Avengers and the X-Men regarding who gets to kill Wanda for what she did, and the Young Avengers stand up for themselves. Really, this has been a fantastic series by Alan Heinberg and beautifully drawn by Jim Cheung with Mark Morales. I highly recommend back-issues or waiting a few more months for the trade paperback.

Heroes for Hire 12Heroes For Hire #12

It seems like the full story arc has finally reached a conclusion, and the series seems to have ended, which is a shame as I was really enjoying this latest concept of Marvel Team-Up. Fortunately Avenging Spider-Man is starting in November and promises the Marvel Team-Ups of old. Still, I liked Misty Knight and Paladin pulling in heroes to fight for them and I’ll miss that, particularly since they’re coming back in December with Villains for Hire, which I have NO intention of picking up. If you like the whole Dark Reign/Thunderbolts thing, enjoy.

Green Lantern Corps 1Green Lantern Corps #1

This was a great first issue and really set up who the main characters are, and what this comic could really become. Guy Gardner and John Stewart have both been the sole Green Lantern for their sector, but now they both have rings, as does Kyle Rainer and Hal Jordan (though Hal gave his to Sinestro – see Green Lantern #1 for details), so they’re feeling understandably useless as the space cops for their sector, but are unable to fit in on Earth… so, out of boredom, they go to OA and discover there’s trouble with the Corps. They assemble a team of Lanterns and head off to fight it. If this is the way the series is going to run, I’m all for it and will add this to Hold 322. If it turns into another Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, I’ll be greatly disappointed.

Supergirl #1Supergirl #1

Supergirl is back, and she’s DEFINITELY Kryptonian! Well written, well drawn and a hot costume for Kara. ‘Nuff said.