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186 Hold 322 - Nerd Rage

portrait_incredible (1)This week on the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast! It’s a week of refusals, as Chip Zdarsky refuses his Harvey Award and Michael Ontkean refuses to return to Twin Peaks! It’s a week of excitement as the Wasp has been announced to headline the new Ant Man sequel and Warner Brother’s announces “Justice League Dark” will start shooting in 2016. It’s a week of fun with New York Comic Con announcing more movies from Marvel and Marvel kicking off it’s post-Secret War line with new Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange!

It’s a week of new TV with The Flash, Arrow and iZombie! It’s a week where Bob asks: ” what gets your nerd ire?”

All this and Canadian Thanksgiving! Face front, true believer! It’s Hold 322!

#186 Hold 322




Links of the Week!

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