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185 Hold 322 - Stolen Suits and Other Bad Decisions

tumblr_noly5zcEKP1rp6eo5o1_1280-1This week on the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast: As we prepare for Marvel’s new line of the same old thing, we learn that saying hello to Scott Allie can be very uncomfortable.  Hugh Jackman wants Tom Hardy to replace him, Ryan Reynolds stole a Deadpool suit, and Zack Snyder is in talks with HBO for a Watchmen series. In TV,  ABC is developing Damage Control (get your books on EBay, NOW), Robert Knepper is relocating to Twin Peaks, and David Ramsey responds to criticism of his new helmet.

All this and Phonogram! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

#185 Hold 322 Podcast


Links of Equality

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Talky TV

ABC Is Developing ‘Damage Control,’
Robert Knepper Joins ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival
David Ramsey Responds To Diggle Arrow Costume