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339 The Legacy of Rick

This week on The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™:  MAD Magazine will cease publication, Marvel Zombies returns, and Cobra Kai gets a comic book! On TV, Netflix orders a Sandman TV show, Gremlins gets a streaming prequel, and Red Dwarf teases a return! In Comics, we review the FINAL issue of The Walking Dead, Lois Lane, Doom Patrol, and Last Knight on Earth!

All this and Enola Holmes! Face front, true believers! It’s The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™!

#339 World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast™

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MAD Magazine to Cease Publication
Marvel Zombies returns
‘Cobra Kai’ Coming to Comics This Fall
Chris Evans interrupts Avengers: Endgame panel
Henry Cavill to play Sherlock in Enola Holmes NEWSNETFLIX Orders SANDMAN TV Show – Report
Channing Tatum’s Gambit Movie No Longer In Development
Gremlins Prequel Snags Series Order at WarnerMedia
Red Dwarf fans are going to smegging lose it