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152 - Hold 322 - Drinking Deep With Melissa Merlot

TSTK660524his week on Hold 322… We’re not only joined in studio by our favorite Mountain of Love, Robert J. Defendi, but we are also graced with that marvel of might, the magnificent Melissa Merlot! Comedienne, podcaster, and geek girl! Also this week, Constantine goes clay-mation, and that may be where he winds up. Fox could bring back The X-Files and Batman V Superman will soon have a teaser trailer. Meanwhile, did Marvel kill off a long-time, major character without a 2-month marketing push? Oh, and Deadpool gets environmental. Bob asks: “if you could make a Spiderverse Spider-Man, what would he be like?”

All this and our Salt Lake Comic Con FanX panel schedules! Face front, true believers! It’s the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast! It’s Hold 322!



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