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Spider-Gwen-1-Cover-Robbi-Rodriguez-2387bSo we lost a good portion of the audio for issue #140, where I took some time to talk about Marvel’s Edge of the Spider-Verse weekly comic. This is a series I almost didn’t pick up, despite my friendly-neighborhood comic-book retailer dropping it in Hold 322. But the first issue was Spider-Man Noir, which was a limited series a while back. I enjoyed that LS, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I could always cancel…

Instead, I’ve gotten 4 issues of solid gold stories. Enough that I want this to be a regular series, once the big Spider-Event is finished. Good news there, to some degree… it was announced at NYCC that Spider-Gwen (EoSV #2) will get an ongoing series by Jason Latour and Robbi Roderiguez. And while it’s good to get the Spider-Gwen, I think Marvel needs to bring back an old series… The Web of Spider-Man, but rather than focusing on 616’s Peter Parker, it could be used as a “what if” where maybe Spider-Britain (who appears in ASM #7) could be observing the “web that only the Spider avatars can navigate,” seeing awesome stories throughout whatever remains of the Mighty Marvel Multiverse.

So what makes me want this? Well, let’s dive into the Spider-Verse…

eosv-noirEoSV #1 – David Hine returns to pen a tale of his epic Spider-Man Noir. Noir is not your “friendly neighborhood Spider-Man” he’s fairly dark, and brutal in his personal war on crime during the great depression. Great story, and a great return for the character, who winds up on Superior’s Spider-Team.


eosv-gwenEoSV #2 – Spider-Gwen! This one is awesome! and a great gift to both fans of Gwen Stacy and those who love alternate histories. Peter becomes the Lizard? Capt. Stacy starts hunting Spider-Woman? Gwen is the drummer in a band called “The Mary Janes”? This story is awesome, and I’m glad Latour and Roderiguez get to continue it.

One fun part of this, turns out the band “Married with Sea Monsters” are friends with Robbi Roderiguez, and he inspired them to record “Face it Tiger,” a song they’re trying to get right in the story…

eosv-aikmenEoSV #3 – If you’re a fan of anime, you’ll love this one. Aaron Aikman is the Spider-Man, who uses a combination of radioactive spider-powers and mecha technology to battle the forces of evil. What I liked about this one is that they didn’t get a manga artist. I liked the “American style” of the artwork, letting the story speak for itself, without throwing it in our face that this is an anime/manga.

eosv-horrorEoSV #4 – THIS. This is the one that will hook you. A horror story of Spider-Man. I had to take a walk after reading this just to shake it off… it’s just the right amount of creepy. And you’re kinda happy when Morlun shows up at the end.

So there you have it, true believers! You’re just 4 in, and with the exception of #2, you’ll likely find all of these issues on the shelves at your local comic book retailer. AND, as Bob 616 will remind you, all are available from Marvel Unlimited and Comixology. So pick ’em up, and let me know what you think in the comments!