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Issue #131 - Hold 322 - I am Hold 322!

ZenJeffThis week on Hold 322! We review Guardians of the Galaxy! We’re just lucky we didn’t get a re-screening of Rise of the Guardians (never should have named it that, Dreamworks). We cover more news out of San Diego, the PR nightmare of a single poster, and the world’s first Gaelic Superhero (really, he speaks Gaelic!). We have a lot of endings and specials this week, with Fatale and Batman: Zero Year ending. We also have the Aquaman annual, Guardians 100th anniversary and an Iron Man special. We’ll let you know which of those are worth reading. Bob asks: “what are your top five artist?”

All this, and Chip Zdarsky! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

131 Hold 322 Podcast


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