The World's Greatest Comic Book Podcast
Issue #92 - Hold 322 - Countdown to ComiCon

JL2310-11colorfinalThis week on Hold 322… Bradley Cooper, James Spader and Timothy Dalton will all appear in comic book movies… we tell you which ones! Michigan will be the new home of either Metropolis or Gotham. And ticket sales finally dip for the Spider-Man musical. In comics, we have a lot of endings… Angel and Faith ends their first season, the Trinity War ends (sorta), Aquaman ends his latest arc, Captain America finally escapes Dimension Z, Thor returns to Midgard for a respite, and the Young Avengers kick their way home. Bob asks: “DC Super Villains Month… What the Hell?”

All this and another Vivid porn parody! Face front, true believers, it’s the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast! It’s Hold 322!



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