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Superman Bad GuysI’ve read a lot of Superman comics, watched all the Superman movies and a whole lot of Superman related TV shows and have therefore seen almost every bad guy the Man of Steel has ever encountered. Based on all that, I have come up with what I believe to be a pretty good list of the top ten Superman villains of all time. I’ve decided to leave out any commentary, but if you really want to hear what I and the other two brilliant chaps who host the show have to say about this list, listen to episode 83 of Hold 322, available at iTunes, Stitcher and from I encourage you to do your own research on each of the villains I’ve included on this list, as well as the many others I did not include, then you can decide if you agree with my list or if your own list would be different. Without further ado, here are my selections from ten to one of the top ten greatest Superman villains of all time…


Number Ten: Metallo



Number Nine: Mr. Mxyptlk

Mr Mxyptlk_1


Number Eight: Bizarro



Seven: The Parasite



Number Six: Darkseid



Number Five: Cyborg Superman

Cyborg Superman_1


Number Four: Doomsday

Superman versus Doomsday_1


Number Three: Brainiac



Number Two: General Zod

Zod versus Superman_1


Number One: Lex Luthor

Superman versus Lex Luthor_1



Although, come to think of it, I think I messed up.  We all know that in truth, all of us who read the first few issues of the New 52’s Action Comics, especially #5, know who the real greatest Superman villain of all time is…. that’s right, Grant Morrison!

The man who thinks works boots, a tee shirt and a cape are cool, and everyone from Kansas is a hick

The man who thinks works boots, a tee shirt and a cape are cool, and everyone from Kansas is a hick

Well that’s enough from me for now.  Until my next bloviation, be sure to listen to Hold 322, follow me on twitter @Robert_A_Easton, and read lots of comics.  Alons-y!