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Issue #78 - Hold 322 - Free Comic BOOK Day!
Forrest Shaw with a Comic Book!

Forrest Shaw with a Comic Book!

This week on Hold 322! Free Comic Book Day happened over the weekend, and we recorded LIVE at the famous Night Flight Comics, where they took Free Comic Book literally. We talk about the day’s offerings from the various publishers, and discuss Iron Man 3 (yep, that happened). We also talk about the CBLDF stepping in to defend the Diary of Anne Frank against the soccer mom who feels it’s too “pornographic” for 7th graders. We interview Carter Reid of Zombie Nation and even talk to Nightwing (Cosplayer Trevor Hawkes).

All this and Ultimate Chris Claremont! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

78 – Hold 322 – Shitty little 616